Melissa D. Cope - Transformational Coaching




"Working with Melissa is a rare treat. I came to her deeply frustrated with my professional life, and through the thoughtful and diligent work we did together, I was able to better understand my strengths and the underlying issues that were driving my frustration. Melissa creates a space for exploration, yet she has a results-oriented approach that builds accountability and forward motion. She is knowledgeable, inquisitive, supportive and trustworthy."



"In my first private session with Melissa, I came to awareness and was then able to clear a long-standing pattern that had impacted my life and my business. I highly recommend Melissa as a coach - her ability to listen and really "hear" what's going on with a person, and then to guide them through to clarity and freedom, can help anyone who is stuck in a pattern that limits them."


Stacy - Photographer

"Prior to working with Melissa I was feeling defeated, stuck, unfocused and negative. Melissa's process was methodical yet fluid; she easily balanced my fears with reality, and started the process of helping me understand my truest characteristics - innermost beliefs - and how they could serve me best, both professional and personally. The work was interesting and always challenging. It has made me grow in ways I did not think were possible. I literally feel like I am blooming! My confidence level has shot through the roof. People around me have noticed the change, saying 'Stacy, you've taken a huge leap!' Now, I am motivated, focused and all around more positive. I can directly attribute this awesome shift to Melissa and her coaching. Melissa does more than coach - she CARES!"


Meghan - Health Coach

"Melissa has an incredible capacity for effortlessly delivering the kind of coaching that gets right to the heart of my challenges and helps me become so clear on the solutions that I can't help but be more successful when I work with her.  She is also a wealth of information and resources on everything from time management and business development to self-care and stress reduction.  Working with her over the last 8 months has helped me focus on building my business while balancing my personal life."


Dawn - Small Business Owner

"I have worked with Melissa in various capacities and the scope of her knowledge and expertise is invaluable to our organization. She is by far one of the most supportive women that I have ever had the privilege of working with and I would highly recommend her as a transformational coach."


Cat - Photographer

"Since my SCOPE Assessment with Melissa I have implemented a strategy we discussed and in just a couple weeks my priorities and direction are clear and I am taking more decisive action. I am confident that Melissa had everything to do with these results. Thank you Melissa!"