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What We Don't Know Is Far Greater Than What We Do

on Monday, 05 September 2016. Posted in Business Coaching, Business Leadership, Main Blogroll Page, How to Change Your Life

A lot of my work focuses on the four inner blocks that keep us stuck.  My favorite Inner Block is Interpretations. Why? Because human beings LOVE to read into things, and then we believe our filtered, personal view of people and the world is the Truth.


How Interpretations Affect Relationships

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Pick a person in your life that regularly rubs you the wrong way.  What did you decide about that person long ago? They are self-centered? Bossy? Lazy? Inconsiderate? What if they were having a bad day when you labeled them? What if you are Wrong about them? What if you have been filtering everything they do and say through the filter of that label for years? How is that serving you and how has it affected your relationship with that person?

Step back and give that person a clean slate.  Treat them as if they are a stranger you have never met before. Now when they do something that irritates you give them the benefit of the doubt.  What might have caused them to behave that way or say that thing?  How might their perspective of the world and situation be different than yours? – after all we grow up in different environments with different parents who hold different values.

This exercise is most valuable with our intimate relationships.  Is there something your partner does or does not do that irritates you?  If you were in a brand new relationship, what would you believe about him/her?  How might you act or react differently if it was the first time this happened? 

The best way to avoid Interpretations is to ask a lot of questions and Listen! You know 10% of the situation, try and uncover the other 90%. Every relationship in your life will be better for having these conversations!