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The 4 Things That Keep You Stuck

Written by Melissa D. Cope on Monday, 25 November 2013. Posted in Business Coaching, Business Leadership, Main Blogroll Page, How to Change Your Life

“If we stay where we are, where we're stuck,

where we're comfortable and safe, we die there." 

                                  - Anne Lamott

Your life (relationships, career, financial situation etc.) is a product of every action you have decided to take or not take in your life. The actions you have taken (or chosen not to take) were determined by your thoughts; your beliefs about yourself (I can, I can’t, I deserve, I don’t deserve etc.) and the world (I am supported, I am alone etc.)

Consequently, if you are not happy with any part of your life, the only way to make a lasting change is to change your underlying beliefs.

Identify What is Holding You Back

These are the four types of beliefs keeping you stuck, and examining them will give you the keys to permanent change:

Assumption – a belief that because something happened before, it will happen again.

Interpretation - an opinion or judgment that you create about an event, situation, person or yourself and that you believe to be true.

Limiting Beliefs – things you believe about yourself, others, or the world that limit you in some way.

Gremlins – your inner critic that tells you that you are not good enough.

Examining these four areas can change everything in your life for the better – immediately and permanently. Commit to change your beliefs and behaviors and you will start to Release Your Inner Fire!



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Melissa D. Cope

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