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Are Assumptions Keeping You Stuck?

Written by Melissa D. Cope on Wednesday, 21 September 2016. Posted in Business Coaching, Business Leadership, Main Blogroll Page, How to Change Your Life

Assumptions are the most emotionally charged of the big four energy blocks. An Assumption is the belief that because something happened in the past, it will happen again. If something that happened carries a strong emotional charge, it can create a huge block that keeps us from repeating similar situations. While this sounds like a good thing, it actually keeps us living in a box that may not serve us.  Here are some examples:

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Situations that Can Create Assumptions:

  1.            Creating the business of your dreams and having it fail
  2.            Asking someone you trust for help in a moment of great need, and being turned away
  3.           Giving your all to a sales pitch, feeling like it’s the best presentation you’ve ever given, and not winning the account

The default mode when we attach emotion to an outcome and that outcome does not materialize, is to shy away from moving in the same direction again.  Someone who has a business fail, may never try to start another. Instead they may settle for taking a job at a company working for someone else even if that makes them miserable.  The person who asks for help from a trusted friend or colleague and is turned away, may internalize the message – you can’t trust anyone and/or I have to do everything myself – and could try to operate in isolation without a support system for years to come.  And who hasn’t given their all to a situation, only to not be the “winner?”  How many people walk away from that thinking, “If I give my all and it doesn’t get me what I want, why bother?” and choose to underperform going forward?

Instead of making a universal law out the results that we then apply to every similar situation, we can think about the situation as an isolated incident and look at how we are a different person and have learned and grown since the last time, and know we can and will do things differently now based on that past experience.

Moving past an Assumption that is keeping you stuck may also require you to release the emotional charge at a deeper level. The best way to do this is working with a coach or therapist who can guide you through questions and new mindsets relevant to your unique situation.  So if your Assumptions are keeping you stuck and there just seems no way of moving forward - reach out today, to someone who can help.

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