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Melissa D. Cope, Mastery Mindset Coach

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  ~Anais Nin

Melissa's Story...

I didn't just stumble upon my passion one day. I wish it had been that easy. In my mid-twenties, I felt like I was dying inside while showing up every day to my seemingly "perfect" job. I had a beautiful office, great pay, job security, friendly co-workers and full benefits...and I kept thinking - what's wrong with me?!?! I knew SOMEthing was wrong, because I also had health problems and the doctors were pushing for surgery. I was sure my health issues were connected to feeling dead inside and I was convinced that surgery wouldn't solve anything. So, I started looking for answers and I hired a Career Coach. At the time I had no idea that working with a Coach would be such a life-altering and profound experience.

We worked together over several months to help me discover my values and reveal the assumptions, interpretations and limiting beliefs that affected my decisions. We created a personal mission statement and developed a plan to change jobs and follow a career path that satisfied me both creatively and financially. I never had the surgery and my health issues improved. I could have struggled with this for years on my own, but with my Career Coach the process took just a few months! And my whole life changed for the better - not just my job situation.

That was the beginning of my journey, which led me to iPEC Coach Training in my late thirties. Since then I have also walked away from a second career in the midst of recession because I found myself working for a company that gave me the money and security but that did not operate in alignment with my values. Twice now I have given up "perfect" jobs in order to follow my deepest desires. And both times the world did not end. In fact, I wished I had done it sooner....though in the end I knew the timing was just right.

Career / Life Coaching with you, puts my passion to work in the world and allows me to share information and experiences about personal growth and development with you and others like you; to make it simpler and easier for you to discover or create a career that exploits your gifts not your time and energy, and that truly feeds your soul.

I hold a B.A. in Psychology from Mt. Holyoke College, am a graduate of the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC) - Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Assessment and COR.E Leadership Dynamics Programs - and I live in Asheville, NC.

Coaching Credentials:

  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach
  • iPEC ELI - Master Practitioner
  • iPEC Master Coach - COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist

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